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OVSD 4.5 SP23 - email notifications over DB rules

Milan Karban
Respected Contributor.

OVSD 4.5 SP23 - email notifications over DB rules

Hi all,

last friday we upgraded our OVSD 4.5 SP19 to the SP23. After this upgrade we performed careful testing of all functionality that we use, among others the email notifications sent over DB rules, and everything seemed to work properly.

But, on Monday, many people informed SD admin, that from 11AM some of notifications are not delivered (e.g. 1 of 10 notifications to solver is delivered properly).

I tried to simulate the problem, but everything I did, all notifications were delivered properly to my mailbox.

I looked to the server Log files and I didn't find any errors or nonstandard messages, except following: "ServerGui Buffer full, cleared ServerGui logFile Monitor window". But I don't know, if this message is related to our problem.

We have two application servers balancing users 1:1 and for email communication connected to the exchange server.

Any idea or hint?

Thank you,

Milan K.

Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: OVSD 4.5 SP23 - email notifications over DB rules


Admin console-system panel-email properties-general

Put a check in "Email Debug" to switch it on (if not already).

Leave it on for a while and try recreate the issue. Have users force a situation where by the should get the email.

Dont leave the debug on too long or the logserver.txt can grow quite large.

If all expected mails are recorded in the logserver.txt it is a good indication that OVSD is working fine and it could be your mail system that is at fault. If not you should get some errors in the log file.

Try sending a couple of test mails to the users who say that are not getting maails from within the same place in the admin console. Are users able to receive mails in general?
David Borojevic
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Re: OVSD 4.5 SP23 - email notifications over DB rules

Hi Milan,

A fellow poster alerted me to the fact that in SP22+ the DB Rules with 2 actions may run the actions in a random order, not in sequence. So if you have an email action a field action then a clear that field action in the one rule, the field may end up being cleared then emailed. Doesn't really fit your issue but thought it worth mentioning. I don't know if you have experienced this on SP23?