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OVSD 4.5/SP19 - Services and Service Levels

James Mohr
Acclaimed Contributor.

OVSD 4.5/SP19 - Services and Service Levels

Hi All!

Up to now, we have never really bothered to configure services and service levels as we have so few incidents that we react to them as they come without setting an priorities, etc.

We also have the integration wir OVOU 8.21 set up where it creates incidents automatically. However, it some cases this fails and in the sd_event_error.log on the OVOU server I have:

SERVER RESPONSE=ERROR: For incident the following fields are required: priority.

At about the same time in the logserver.txt, I have the following:

Thu, 12/10/2006 10:41:09 No item found with this Text. Please enter an existing Text. while processing attribute impact

One interesting things is how the end of the message seems to be missing some text.

This only happens with a few nodes/CIs. My first assumption was that the service level was having an effect. When I create an incident by hand and select one of these CIs, the service level is loaded automatically and the priority field of the incident is cleared. That would explain the message in the sd_event_error.log file that the priority is not set.

However, what is the problem with the impact. Impact has a standard value defined for the data import, so it *should* be set. The problem seems only to occur when the CI has a particular service level. If I set a different service level it works. If I change the sevice level on a CI that worked before, I have the problems.

So, it seems that I have found the root cause of the problem, but I do not see anything that I can change or what is causing this. This seems to be a basic aspect of service level management, but as I said, we have not done much with it. My guess is that someone was playing around with the system when we first installed the system and forget what he did.

I would appreacite any clues as to what is going on and where to look.


Robert S. Falko
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Re: OVSD 4.5/SP19 - Services and Service Levels


Have you created a relation between the CIs that are causing the problem and a service ?