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OVSD 4.5/SP19 Certain users cannot open service calls

James Mohr
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OVSD 4.5/SP19 Certain users cannot open service calls

Hi All!

We are using MS-Exchange and all email for the hotline is sent to a specific folder. We then check if it is an existing call. If not, we move the email to a folder which then sends it to the service desk to open a call. There are a number of internal users where this does not work. We just upgrade to OVSD4.5/SP19 and I am not sure if this problem existed before the upgrade.

If I change the email address for account that does not work correctly to a web email account then send an email from that address it works correctly. That tells me it is related to either the email address itself or the client. When the problem occurs, we get the error message:

The E-mail you sent has not resulted in registration/update of a Service Call.
The following error(s) occurs:
No Person found for your E-mail address: "Posteingang_ServiceDesk"
Posteingang_ServiceDesk is the name of the folder into which we move the email, which then sends the message to the AppServer. However, I cannot figure out why it is not getting through. I have compared the Outlook settings and cannot find any differences.

I am hoping that someone has had similar experiences or at least could give me a shove in the right direction of where to look next.