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OVSD 4.5/SP16 Multiple periodic outages

James Mohr
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OVSD 4.5/SP16 Multiple periodic outages

Hi All!

Each of several different customers has several test machines. I created manually OpenView outages to not report events until "normal" business hours (M-F 07:00-23:00). Doing this within the OpenView outage configuration is fairly easy, but we would like to manage the outages within the service desk as this is the main system for the CIs.

The problem is that I can only see a way to create a single outage. (i.e. 23:00-07:00) That means we get notifications on the weekends, which is something we don't want. I was wondering if there was a built-in way to have multiple outages.

If not, one alternative would be to simply create a second pair of custom date fields and this would be for "normal" hours on the weekend. Alternatively, I could simply create a boolean field (test? Y/N) and if set, the OVSD on the OpenView server would start a special script that would add the outages. However, I would prefer something built-in.

Anything info is greatly appreaciated.