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OVOW ADSPI opc30-304

Sean OB_1
Frequent Visitor

OVOW ADSPI opc30-304

We are getting this error from the AD SPI out of the ADSPI-TRUST_MON policy.

The policy has as its source root\MicrosoftActiveDirectory

However on the AD server we are deploying this policy on it appears that the wmi source is actually root\directory

So two questions. Is root\directory the correct source?

And if it is is there an easy way to update the policy with the new source. If we update the source all of the rules are removed. I guess another question. What is the easiest way to copy a rule from one policy to another?

TIA and points for all answers.

Sean OB_1
Frequent Visitor

Re: OVOW ADSPI opc30-304

Wrong forum, sorry about that.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event