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OVOW 7.5 & SD 5.0 Integration

Wael Al-Assadi
New Member.

OVOW 7.5 & SD 5.0 Integration

Hello all,

I would like to do the integration between OVOW 7.5 and SD 5.0. I have been through all the steps in the "OpenView Operations Integration Administrator’s Guide".

What worked for me:

(1) I could view my OVOW services & nodes as CIs in SD (Import/Export).

(2) I could manually send an incident from SD to OVOW.

What didn't work: (which is the important part)

(1) OVOW doesn't send any incidents to SD, when an incident occurs on a node or a service in OVOW.

In other words: A manual communication between SD and OVOW works fine. An auto communication between OVOW and SD doesn't work.

Can anyone help with that? Any ideas?

Best regards
Wael A.
Michael Lutfi
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: OVOW 7.5 & SD 5.0 Integration

This is part of the templates and the rules in templates in OVOW. Please consult with the OVOW manual on actions to take when an event happens :)

sorry I am not much of a help in this usually I pass my requirements to the OVOW/OVOU admin person and they take care of what to do for auto incident forwarding...