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OVO and OVSD Integration problem

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OVO and OVSD Integration problem

I have a fully functional OVSD 4.5 and OVO 7.5 on windows 2000.

I am trying to bring up OVO on Windows Server 2003. I have OVO working, I am getting alerts form a couple of agents.

I have installed the ovow7.msi. and Deployed the "forward to service desk" policy.

The forward policy does not work. It does not call sd_event, and I get no sd_event.log or the error log.

I have trolled around, made sure the .Net is there, the Windows install provider, among other things. But to no avail.

Since I am not getting any logs written, not even errors, I suspect I have install issue, or incorrect binaries.

I could use some direction. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
Carlos Thompson
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Re: OVO and OVSD Integration problem

Have you installed the SD Event and SD Agent packages from the SD4.5 install media? Shouldn't need Agent but doesn't hurt to add it.
Marc Hummel
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Re: OVO and OVSD Integration problem

Yes agent is needed and keep in mind script for forwarding events to ovsd has issues as well.
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Re: OVO and OVSD Integration problem

Thanks for the support.

We have successfully created tickets on the OVSD side and updated the alert on the OVO side.

The error turned out to be the opcmsg policy. It is blank by default and we had to update it. This is documneted in the help files for opcmsg.

Re: OVO and OVSD Integration problem

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event