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OVO/W and OVSD Integration

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OVO/W and OVSD Integration

I have a number of inquiries on the integration between OVSD and OVO/W:

1. How can we trace which OVO/W or SPI message is linked with a particular OVSD incident? Helpdesk operators should find it easy to determine the link between the OVSD System Incidents and the OVO/W Messages. Will it be possible to include the OVO/W Message ID as part of the data exchange process between OVO/W and OVSD? And is it possible to change the format of the OVO/W Message ID to a more user friendly one?

2. Changes in the annotations of the OVO/W Messages should automatically register in the OVSD System Incident. I noticed that the annotations are placed under just one field in OVSD and if I create new annotations in OVO/W they will register in OVSD as annotation 1, annotation 2, annotation 3... Is it possible to include the date and time the annotation was created or modified and include that in the OVSD incident? And can I just place annotations on separate fields (One annotation per field)?

3. OVSD incidents related to OVO/W messages should automatically have a status of “Closed” when the related OVO/W message is acknowledged. Is this possible? Because what I have read is that incidents should be closed in OVSD and then it will automatically be acknowledged in OVO/W (OVSD to OVO/W and not the other way around). If not possible, any possible workaround?

4. OVSD System Incidents should show the OVO/W service related to the particular Incident to facilitate/aid the Helpdesk personnel in assigning the incident to the appropriate support engineer. Can I change the data exchange between OVO/W and OVSD so that I can include a new field in OVSD where the OVO/W Service ID can be placed?

I would very much appreciate it if somebody can respond to me immediately.

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Re: OVO/W and OVSD Integration

Hello Donna,

please try

Most of your questions should be answered there. With a little bit of VB and WMI knowlegde you can customize the ovo-sd.vbs to fit your needs.

Best regards
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event