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OVO - SD db rule

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OVO - SD db rule


I hope the moderator of this forum won't be mad for posting again the same message as in post below, regarding SD - OVO intergration.

Here we go:

The connection between Service desk and operations is working, and I'm receiving messages from OVO, the out-of-the box rules do their job.

Now I'd like to modify the following acknowledgement message

/NoLogo "\"%SD_OVWHOME%\\bin\\ovo-sd.vbs\"" [Source ID] OV_MessageUpdate_Acknowledge

so that it could contain OV_MessageUpdate_AddAnnotation

message as well.

So, I'd like to set acknowledge flag and message both at the same time in same rule.

Can this be done ?


Ramaprasad N
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Re: OVO - SD db rule

Add both the actions to the same/single DB rule in OVSD.
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Re: OVO - SD db rule

Yes, I understand that, but how do I add the line OV_MessageUpdate_AddAnnotation to the whole structure ? I mean, is there comma or any other operator inbetween OV_MessageUpdate_Acknowledge and OV_MessageUpdate_AddAnnotation ?

I'm interested in structure of the DB rule with not one, but two or more update fields..

Best regards.
Steve Bunten
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Re: OVO - SD db rule

I have done a similar thing with the integration where I both add an annotation to the message containing the SD Incident number and take ownership of the message.

What I did was to modify the database rule and added a second "Command Exec Action" which took ownership of the message (the default is to just add the annotation).

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Re: OVO - SD db rule

Thanks guys,

the soulution was just around the corner. :)