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OV Service Desk will not open

Darren 2007
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OV Service Desk will not open

Microsoft Firewall Client 2004 appears to stop OV from opening.

I have a PC running XP sp2 and OV Console 2.10.036
After installing the MS Firewall client when trying to open OV all that happens is the dos window appears with a flashing cursor. The only way i've managed to get it to open is to stop ovconfget.exe in task manager or uninstall MS Firewall.

Any got any ideas what I can do to OV work with the firewall client?


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Re: OV Service Desk will not open

The ITP protocal port is 30999 by default, check the firewall to see if bidirectional traffic is allowed on that port, or change the ITP port in the "Edit Server Settings" on the server to be a port that is allowed (and not used) by the firewall. Make sure you note the port offset because a lot of things depend on it (data exchange, join multiple servers, etc) and you'll have to use the same offset when using those other parts of the system.

Hope that helps.