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Not allow field edit after creation

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Tim Black
Super Contributor.

Not allow field edit after creation

I would like to know if it's possible to not allow description and solution fields to be edited after the service call is created.

I've tried to do that with a temporary field comparison and a UI rules but that would generate too many rules considering the ones I already have.

The purpose of this is that when people want to send the service call back asking for more information or with some information they tend to write it on the description or solution field rather than adding a line on the history tab which is how I would like them to do, this would force them to do that.

Cheers all

Ruth Porter
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Not allow field edit after creation

Hi tim,

The only way I can think of is to make these fields read only and set 2 custom fields for people to entry. Then have a DB rule which fires on Create (not modify) that sets Description and solution to the custom fields and then sets the custom fields to contain something like "DO NOT USE".

Such an approach is not very nice and I think a better one would be to run a report which shows who does this (a DB rule to set a custom field when Description or solution changed on a modify would help) and then address it by training.

Hope this helps

Tim Black
Super Contributor.

Re: Not allow field edit after creation

The work with the custom fields was also my first idea and dropped it becaus it, as you said, wouldn't look "good" :). Was just wondering if I was missing some way of doing it.

Thank you and I agree with you, problem is the costumer not allways agrees with the best way :)

Raghunathan Tik
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Not allow field edit after creation

Hi Tim,

Me too came across similar situation and had to either track the modification done (in the history log) to the solution field. however came with another solution and here is what i did:

1) Created a custom field of width 64K and named it as "Information Log". This field contained the information those fed in the Information field. i.e. using DB rule,appended the log in the Information Log with the one that was input in Information field, thus having a details log.
2) created another DB rule with following condition:
When Service Call is created / modified
where Solution(*) is anything
concatenate Information log with the contents of the SOlution along with "Registration Modified by Display Name" and Time

with this, i could get the details captured in the INformation Log along with the person who modified and time

hope this helps you.