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Not able to search old tickets

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Not able to search old tickets


We are having about 35000 odd tickets resolved so when we go to Resolved tickets View SD gets hung.

Hence we have implemented the query restriction on the tool.

Buit the problem is when we want to search for a old view we are not able to.

We go to advance find and we have to select a view in which we want to search the ticket.

if we select Resolved tickets view we get query restriction error.

Please let us know how to avoide the query restriction in advance find.

or how to handle such situation.

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Re: Not able to search old tickets

Hi Lakshmi,

there is an option in General Settings called "Apply filters in Advanced find and Quick find", if you enable this option, then filters and restrictions are applied to them - as its name states.

Try disabling this option, I know it will not filters your results when you advance find them anymore, but I can not tell for sure if it will disable the query restriction as well.

Worth trying this

Randall Barrantes
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Thorfinn Thomas
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Re: Not able to search old tickets


There is 2 ways to avoid query restriction:

#1: Turn it off again. BUT, you said that query restrictions were enabled to stop SD from hanging, so that is really not an option as far as I can see.

#2: Narrow the search using better/more specific criteria. I recommend all to focus on this, not only to avoid query restrictions, but also for better usage of the data stored in SD.

You can also consider tweaking the query restriction limit, for instance from 500 to 2000.

Remember that the query restriction is there for the system safety, to avoid system downtime and long response time for other users. So my recommendation is to train all users in making better, more exact searches.

Thorfinn Thomassen