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New templates has no "Service Level" option

Cesar Lozano
Respected Contributor.

New templates has no "Service Level" option

Hello all,

Everytime when I create a new template for the Service Call module in HPOV SD 4.5-SP15, the template is created without the "SERVICE LEVEL" option, it only appears "SERVICE".
(see image attached)

In order to create a new template with the "SERVICE LEVEL" option included, I need to COPY&PASTE and old template that has the option included. By doing this, the new template will be created with this option.

Do you know what is wrong in this case and why the new tamplates have no "SERVICE LEVEL" option at all?....or do you know if there is a way how to add it to the already created templates?.

I need this option for DEADLINE purposes.

Thanks in advanced for your information.

Best regards,

George M. Meneg
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: New templates has no "Service Level" option

Hello Cesar,

I don't think that this is a bug. To be more specific, allowing Service Level to be on a service call template *is* the bug.

Service level depends on service and there is also a default service level followed for service calls without service.
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