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New functionality for OVSD (4.5) using Java/J2EE or OVSD tools?

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Gints Bika1
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New functionality for OVSD (4.5) using Java/J2EE or OVSD tools?

Hello all,

Sorry, if I have missed something. I found some discussions of this topic but not exact answers.

I am an OVSD administrator and also a Java/C# developer. That's why I can use my Java/C#/VBScript skills when I have to add a new functionality to OVSD and it's not possible using only OVSD rules. For example, if it's necessary to send a complex e-mail.

I would like to know if it is typical to use Java/J2EE/C# to add new functionality?

Also, if it is OK to use Java/J2EE instead of OVSD tools? I mean, to change/import multiple service calls using small Java applications, use J2EE web sites with "Data update from external system" instead of finding complex solutions using OVSD (Of course, I like George's solutions, but I prefer to solve problems using J2EE).

Thanks in advance
Mark Teichmann
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Re: New functionality for OVSD (4.5) using Java/J2EE or OVSD tools?

If you add functionality using the web-api interface then you use only 'official' functions from Service Desk and therefore there is nothing wrong with it. But you should never do write or change operations on the SQL database directly in order to get things done because this scenario is not supported from HP. (I know there are some posts to be found here that include direct manipulations on the database but this is only at your own risk!)
Since the client 2008 is a true Sun Java Eclipse RCP I wonder if the possibilities of integrating own plugins into Service Desk will be available (as IBM offers with Lotus Notes 8 Client). That would be the best way to add new functionality.