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New User service request

Yvonne Duxfield
Respected Contributor.

New User service request

I want to use checklists for new user requests which is easily done, however how can I get SD to auot create a Work order based on the selections I tick in the checklist with the detail from the call included. Ie new user request checklist says Create network account. The resulting work order will then be sent with the User details and any others required.

DoI need to use rules to do this or is there an easier way?

Thanks in advance Yvonne
Jonathon Druce
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Re: New User service request

The only way I think you could achieve this without exensive customisation is to have your checklist use the Options and have very unique text in the options For example an Option of "New Account" with a suggestion of yes as "AccountYes" and a No of "AccountNo". Then you would need to have a UI rule that would trigger on Information contains "AccountYes" that fires off SD_Dataform with the -forcenew option and a work order form which passes the data from the service Call. Of course you may not want to pass the information field as it will contain all the responses to all the questions in your checklist.