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New HP SD 4.5 user questions about views...

Steve Norton
Acclaimed Contributor

New HP SD 4.5 user questions about views...

Just looking to improve my experience with HP Openview SD 4.5.0588.1104 ...

When defining custom views, is it possible to apply a filter to incidents where it would only show the incident if the "Next Update Time" is in the past? How about in the past AND one hour into the future?

When specifying Auto Format rules, is it possible to specified dates/times by the number of days or hours in the past or future (ie, if the "actual start" is less than three days ago and not more than two days into the future) ... and can this also include "Status" not "Resolved" or "Closed"

As you can see, I'm trying to improve the visibility of incidents that require attention.

Any assitance is appreciated.
Michael Lutfi
Frequent Visitor

Re: New HP SD 4.5 user questions about views...

Steve if I understand you correctly you want to be able to do two things one is to be able to perform a filter based on a date field being "on or before" or "on and after" well yes these two are conditions you can apply and you also want to be able to check if the status is let's say Closed/Not Resolved...right well also that is supported in the View's filetrs...

Just mess around with it but just make sure you do have rights to create your own views...
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event