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Need help with a validation

Linda Maddox
Respected Contributor.

Need help with a validation

I have a validation (which works) requiring that a specific text field not be blank when a ticket with the severity of a ticket is a "1" is closed. This field is a character field. What I need to do now is require that the entry not be a number higher than 9999 UNLESS the person has a certain capability word in their operator record. I've tried the following but it does not work:
Validation: root.cause.status in $file>9999 (I also tried it with quotes around "9999"
Update and Delete: index("SysAdmin",$lo.ucapex)>0

Can anyone help me make this work? Thanks, Linda
Mike Bush
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Re: Need help with a validation

I think you should re-post this query into the Service Center forum rather than the Service Desk one. Some of us are building knowledge of both but you get the real gurus over there!