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Need Help on SD 5.10

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Need Help on SD 5.10

Hi EveryOne

I am using SD 5.10. I need to generate the Custom reports. can Anyone help me how can i generate custom reports.

Can anyone tell me that what is the relation between
HP OpenView Performance Insight,
SD 5.10
Help Desk Report Pack (Version 1.1)
Change Management Report Pack (Version 1.1)
SLM Report Pack (Version 1.0)

I have purchased the SD 5.10 so all this will also come with it or not?

Is all this components that i have mentioned above is part of SD 5.10 or seperate.
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Re: Need Help on SD 5.10


HP OVPI is a separate tool and used for reporting purposes. Currently the integration between OVPI and OVSD is the Reporting Packs.

For knowing about the licensing, you have to get in touch with HP. But the reporting pack software is available with OVSD dump.