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Need Help !!!! SD Crash !

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Need Help !!!! SD Crash !

Dear All,

Pls help me to recover SD 4.5 SP19, Win2k_Sp4, since our total HelpDesk is Down !

Last night due to power outage, an unexpected shutdown has happend.

Once we power up the server, folliwing error is visible in the log. Can't up the application server.

JDBC error 229: [SERVICEDESK45]SELECT permission denied on object 'IFC_SYSTEM', database 'sd45DB', owner 'dbo'., SQL state: 42000 for query: update ifc_system set sys_oidhigh = sys_oidhigh + 1
Mon, 19/03/2007 10:54:27 Wrong database user defined for repository: table ifc_system not found

Full error report attach herewith !

Pls help ..... !


IT is Great !
Vasily Kamenev
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Re: Need Help !!!! SD Crash !

At on future: SP 19 compiled for java 1.4.9_ .
Open SQL and try find 'IFC_SYSTEM' table. if the table real not exist , perhaps and other tables not exist too?, restore from last back up, to other DB name, compare possible export/import this table from restored DB or create manually, as in attachment, table does not have any relations with other. if not that does not help, update in old(restored) DB table IFC_SEQUENCES by values from crashed DB , up SD in old DB and then manually compare how cases lost in SC, IN, CH etc. restore that manually.

Vasily Kamenev
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Re: Need Help !!!! SD Crash !

Oh, sorry
1.4.9 -> 1.4.2_09
Rikard Ekman
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Re: Need Help !!!! SD Crash !

The log state that youy are using the wrong db user for the repository part:

Check that the db users you have defined still have access to db, or that you hve not accidently changed the settings for same db user for sd and sd_repository to different db users, quite common actually...

I'm almost 100% that it is the db users here, an dba might have changed the db users access right for the db.

Hope you get it up again.

best Regards

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