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NNM SD5.0 Integration

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NNM SD5.0 Integration

Hi All,

is it required to Import NNM Nodes to SD as CI so that NNM can fwd events to SD as incidents?

Vineet :)
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Ashly A K
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Re: NNM SD5.0 Integration


In your SD,(Incidents), if you made the filed Configuration Item as "Always Required" (ie: mandatory) you must create CIs. Again, if you what to see monhtly/weekly/datil how many tickets were created for one node, need to create those CIs.

Ps: i sent a mail to you few days back. R u still with the same compnay ? or am i talking to a differnet Vineet ?(i don't think so... )

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Re: NNM SD5.0 Integration

Hi Ashly,

Thanks for you reply.

so this means that SD NNM Integration does not require the Nodes to be imported as CI if CI is not configured as mendatory.

I think this clears my doubt.

Ashly, Do yo have a cookbook to NNM & SD5.0 integration. if yeas then plz post it here or fwd me on

Thanks & Regards,

P.S: you recon me right buddy :) world is a small place!! I left my OLD company & have joined a NEW company in HYD/India last week.
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Zoltan Molnar_1
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Re: NNM SD5.0 Integration

If You have cookbook please send me to.
I have to install integration, but after install process I can't find nnm.ini and ovsdnnmevent.conf file on path where data_exhange guide write. For me is'n unambiguos, where can I install the integration pack - on SD or NNM.
I use Win Server2003SP1, SQL2000SP4 and SD5SP2.
Please send me a cookbook or write step by step how and where can I install what files. Thanks