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NNM OVSD Integration

keshava H A
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NNM OVSD Integration

I am beginner in NNM and OVSD. I Integrated NNM with OVSD using sd_event command. a call is created as incident in OVSD whenever a node or interface is down. Can anyone help me to write a DB rule to getting alerts whenever the incident is created.

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Re: NNM OVSD Integration

Here is what our incidenet notification rule looks like. It sends an email to the members of the workgroup the incident is assigned to.

When incident is created
OR When incident is modified
where Assignment;Assignment Status (*) equals New
AND NOT (Assignment;To workgroup (*) is empty)
AND Assignment;To person (*) is empty
Ticket Assignment Notification (Send e-mail message) , Send to: [Assignment;To workgroup], Subject: New Incident Assignment - Incident [ID], Message: Incident [ID] has been assigned to the [Assignment;To workgroup] workgroup: