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Multiple Client 2008

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Mike Bush
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Multiple Client 2008

Hi guys, long time no speak.

For the "old" client we had ways of setting up "profiles" so that two copies could be run on one PC and then the Service Pack of one could be moved forward for testing.

Has anyone achieved this with the "new" client?

I'm getting close (just by duplicating the install and editing ".INI" files) - BUT - I can't persuade it to stop looking at the default "user\Application Data..\..\Client 2008\data" folder for its user_settings.xml

So it feels like I need a "switch" to tell the code where I'd rather it went.

Points for good thoughts.
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Re: Multiple Client 2008


You could try separating the userfolders.

Copy a valid user_settings.xml to the sepatare folder you want SD to run.
i.e. C:\Profile\servicedesk

Change in the configuration\config.ini the "The default workspace location" and the "The default configuration location" to point to this new directory.

Then launch Servicedesk client with following parameters:

"C:\sd45\Client 2008\servicedesk.exe" -data "C:\Profile\servicedesk/workspace" /SERVER=server_ip:30998 /SETTINGS=C:\Profile\servicedesk\data\user_settings.xml /DEBUG

All folders and necessary files shoul dbe created in this new directory, and no file or folder will be created in default c:\documents and settings.

Randall Barrantes
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Mike Bush
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Re: Multiple Client 2008

Most excellent - the clues I needed.

AND - you can add /profile="TEST" or ="LIVE" to get the window header set so that services can be distinguished.