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Missing icons on SD shortcutbar

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Missing icons on SD shortcutbar

Hey everyone,

We recently added the license for the Change module into SD. The system account now has an extra icon in the shortcubar called Change. The problem is, I can't add that icon to any other account. When I log in as a non-system user, I right-click on the shortcutbar and select "add shortcut" but I don't have the Change icon. Everything else is there, WO, SP, incidents, etc...
I followed the procedure in the help to create a new shortcut bar. I logged in as system, opened the ShortcutBar.dat located in the repo folder and saved it as ShortcutBar.dat in application data folder. Didn't work...same basic icons in the shortcutbar.
So then I created a role that I called Change and added myself to it. In that role, I gave full permissions over the change object. Still no go.

What am I doing wrong?
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Re: Missing icons on SD shortcutbar

Which version of SD are you using?

Just had a similar problem with V5 yesterday. You have to assign at least one view to the role, otherwise the shortcut doesn't even appear.
Ruth Porter
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Re: Missing icons on SD shortcutbar

Hi Nicholas,

Unless an account has a role with a view for an item permitted for the role will not see the shortcut bar icon. This is logical because if you don't have a view there is not much point clicking on the icon.

So try adding a view to the role and see if that fixes the problem. (Select change object in a role, press advanced, select the views tab and relate at least one table view and make it default).

Hope this helps

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Re: Missing icons on SD shortcutbar

Thanks guys, it was exactly that!