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Migration of service desk

Robin Goel
Respected Contributor.

Migration of service desk

Due to some technical problem we have to shift our service desk to new server.We are using sdesk 4.5 on windows 2000 server.database is SQL 2000.
Could you plz suggest the complete procedure to move sdesk to a new server.
what all needs to be done in sql server for that.
also how do we migrate all the present settings to the new server.
thanks a lot
George M. Meneg
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Re: Migration of service desk

Hello Robin,

If you don't plan to move the database to another server there is nothing you have to do on the sql.

Install the application server on the new machine. Install the appropriate servive pack in order both the old and the new machine are on excactly the same version.

DO NOT START the new application server. Copy the files from the old server on the top of the new server (providing of course that you installed the applications under the same path).

Now copy/install ANY other application used by the old application server (like scripts/ schedules/etc).

Now, If you plan to keep the same IP, (that is the new machine hosting SD will have the same IP as the old), stop the OLD application server and shutdown the old machine. Change the IP to the new machine and start application server.

If you plan to change the ip special care should be taking for the other systems tha points to your current application server (the one that will become obsolete)
menes fhtagn
Ramaprasad N
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Re: Migration of service desk

If you change hostname/IP, you might have to take care of many things.

After DB restoration, better to remove entries from REP_SERVERS tabel, if any.
Verify your attachment server configuration.
Verify email configuration.
Verify all the Business rules. If there are any command exec actions on the app server, you have to update them with new network configurations/settings.
Verify the smart actions for app server hostname/IP.
Make all the memory/tuning modifications to the OVSD application server service.
Re-Apply licenses
Remove old scheduled actions, if any.