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Migration OVSD45 to SM7

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Gints Bika1
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Migration OVSD45 to SM7


I read some threads about migration, but didn't find answers to some questions.

1. What to do if we have only Service calls, Changes and Work orders in OVSD45?

It looks like we should divide the functionality of Service calls between Interactions and Incidents?

2. Is it possible to connect SM7 to Java EE web server?

With OVSD45, a web page could
a) read data from database and send data using e-mail or
b) modify data using OVSD Java API.

Can I create something similar for SM7?
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Re: Migration OVSD45 to SM7

Since I do consulting for both OVSM and OVSD, I have done some research about this topic, so I try to answer you here.

1. For Service Calls, you will need Interaction in OVSM, for work orders, there is a Task module for change in OVSM which is similar, but no such function for Interaction yet. For incidents, you can map OVSD to OVSM(more features). If you do not want to divide too much, you can enhance your OVSM to let Interaction have more features like OVSD does for Service Call.

2. OVSM provide a war file, which you can deploy with most popular server, Tomcat, webLogic, etc. OVSM allow you to provide almost same format and function for forms between web and full Java client, which is really nice.

Overall, OVSM is so flexible, you can do much more beyond what OVSD can provide. However, it costs you more $ for sure.

Ok, for advantage/disadvantage, it might not be a good idea to post here. If you still have interest to hear, send me an email

I appreciate points if you find it helpful.