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Migrating from SD4.5 to SM7.0

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Migrating from SD4.5 to SM7.0

Our company is planning for a migration from SD 4.5 to SM 7.0, Please guide us for the links for best practices, migration guide, lessons learned documents etc. if any one have the links or pdf please post here or upload

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Migrating from SD4.5 to SM7.0

Is that decision set in stone, or in the "thinking about it" stage?

Here's some questions you should know the answer to before you upgrade:
- Precisely what does HP mean by "migration"? Is ALL my data and business logic being transfered over? Who's responsible for it (HP, or me)?
- What are the implications on upgrades and supportability if I make ANY customizations to SM7?
- Where's the documentation?
- What is the strategy to keep your administration skill set usefull, since SD is wizard driven and SM is code driven?
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Re: Migrating from SD4.5 to SM7.0

Hi Yogeswar,

Have you looked into other tools?
Have you installed the demo version of SM7 and looked around to see the differences between SD and SM7?
I would definetely recommend you do that as you will find there is a huge difference between not only the use of SM7 but also of the skills needed to administer it.

The business logic/process flow will need re-implementing following the migration/install of SM7, HP have confirmed that DB rules, UI rules etc will not be migrated.

It may be worth speaking to your HP representative and he/she will be able to go through all this in detail.