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Migrate Service Desk 4.5 to Service Center 6.2

Rory Emmans
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Migrate Service Desk 4.5 to Service Center 6.2

I am currently running Service Desk 4.5 SP19 and we are thinking to moving to Service Center 6.2 before Service Manager 7.0 comes out at the end of this year. Does anybody have any comments or experience in doing this that they would like to share?
Tim Schmitt_4
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Re: Migrate Service Desk 4.5 to Service Center 6.2

Hi Rory.

We've been considering the same thing and I'm not sure if we're onboard with that plan on not.

I'm a little concerned about the user interface of ServiceCenter 6.2 because it will be a significant change for our user community but I feel confident that we will be able to recreate the functionality of the Service Desk. Additionally, our processes make use of work orders and the lack of work orders in some of the modules may represent a significant change, although we understand that one can make a modified incident work in a similar fashion as a work order. ServiceCetner 7 is planned to look more like Service Desk and I think it may be an easier transition for our customers.

I think that the biggest obstacle for us is that we have some third party applications designed to interface with Service Desk that are not yet supported for use with ServiceCenter.

Overall, I am looking forward to moving but it may not be possible to deliver the same services as we do today and move to ServiceCenter "early". We've used to use Peregrine ServiceCenter 4.x before we moved to Service Desk and I really liked the application. From what I recall, it was more difficult to configure (there was a proprietary programming language named RAD) but it seemed more open to customization.

I think it's possible to make the leap, as long as all of the applications you use are compatible and you can overcome the difference in the UI.