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Message to all users connected


Message to all users connected

Hi people.

I would like to send a banner msg to all users that are connected to service desk when an Incident is created.

All Users conected are in "Security->Auditing->Users Conected"

Can I get all of them and send a banner to them?

maybe with web-api, or any other IDEA?

Thanks a lot


Re: Message to all users connected

It is me again.

It will be enoutght for me to know:

How can I execute anything from the server to a client with the agent installed?

This is execute a script with a db rule from the server, that execute in all clients (I know the ip direction of all the clients) a line (with the banner program).

Thanks in advance !!
George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: Message to all users connected

Well, create a custom person field, name it "send alert".

When person is created
OR When person is modified
where NOT (Account;Host is empty)
AND seld alert (*) equals Yes

and as action execute banner at Account;Host.

The only problem is that will run on all persons that are linked to an account and not only the logged one.

menes fhtagn

Re: Message to all users connected


If I understand well. If I want a banner in all clients when an Incident is created..

I have to make an aplication(with web-api) that when the incident is created:

- Get all acounts of the system
- get the person for all acounts
- Modify that persons for having the "send alert" field modified to yes,

- And the bd rule in persosns will be launch for that person to send him/her the banner.

Is that the Idea?

Robert S. Falko
Honored Contributor

Re: Message to all users connected


I do not think you need to use the Web-API. You do need to interrogate the database which will hold in one table the list of connected users, and in another table the hostname of each user (assuming you put it there).

The problem is then to use the H-P agent (or any other agent, for that matter), to run on each of those hosts the banner application.

In resumé :

1) run a rule that passes as parameters any information you wish to include in the banner message.

2) that rule runs an external program or script.

3) the external program or script:
a) runs a query of the database, which it either writes to a file, or runs a PL/SQL script (if you are using Oracle), selecting all the currently connected users, together with their PCs' hostnames;
b) for each row returned, or each line in the output file, activate the agent, which runs the banner program on the PC.

I suppose that there must be documentation somewhere on how to access the H-P agent, but I do not know exactly where.

Good luck,
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