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Message for New template created

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Message for New template created

I am using OVO in HP-UX 11.11.
I have created 3 new template to monitor windows 3 services and for those services I am able to get the alerts and I am able to see the alerts from Management console.
When I double click that message that I received it is giving
Applications as OS
Message Group as WINOSSPI Core
Object as OS

but when I see message group WINOSSPI Core there is no such messages but I can see the message related to new template from node-->Right click-->message browser

and I can see the message from opc_adm user and I have created one user and in respnsibility I have given permission to WINSOSSPI Core to Node group WINOSSPI

in the node group bank WINOSSPI I have added that node on which I have deployed the new template created.I have given all the permission to see the alert

and finally the I can see the alerts from management console and from the user which I have assigned all permission not able to see

Is there any extra permission need to be given for newly created templates?

Please let me know.