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Memory settings for Java in HPSD

Jitka Urbanikov
Regular Collector

Memory settings for Java in HPSD

Hello everybody,

I would like to ask about memory settings for Java in .bat file starting HPSD server (or installservice). Recommended value is in manual. Thats OK. But can we set higher value like f.e. 128 128 400 2000? Are there some recommended values?

Thanx for any answer.
Robert Champion
Regular Collector

Re: Memory settings for Java in HPSD

We currently run

Our 2 production SD servers have 2Gb of RAM and 2 CPU's each. They run SD 4.5 SP6 supporting ~200 concurrent users.

We were getting Java.out.of.memory errors in the app server logs. Increasing this value resolved those issues.

What you set the values to depends on a number of things.
- how much memory you have on the SD server -- number of concurrent users
- number of records being returned by views.
- number & complexity of business rules.
Probably a heap of other stuff as well.
Ramaprasad N
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Memory settings for Java in HPSD

The default recommended values from out of the box configuration (1GB memory settings) should be fine. If your hardware is too good for these settings, then better you implement multiple application servers on your server.

Jitka Urbanikov
Regular Collector

Re: Memory settings for Java in HPSD

We used folowing settings in conf. file

MaxNewSize= 128M NewSize= 128M xms 384m xmx 1000m

For now it seems to be OK. Thanks for recomendations !

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event