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Measuring Support Efficience

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Measuring Support Efficience

Hi there,

We are on HP SD 4.5 sp11.

In our process, Operations Staff (1st Level), receives the Service Call and assign it the Appropriate Support Team (2nd Level).

We intend to measure the support groups (2nd Level) efficience by saving the time they open the Service Call and the time they record the solution.

Does it can be done through HP SD or we migrate to further versions of sp ?

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Re: Measuring Support Efficience

Hey Fep,

Not sure how SD 4.x series worked, but here's the way I'd work it.
1) A custom date field of "2nd Lvl Start" is populated automatically (or by rule) once a 2nd level group assigns the ticket to an individual.
2) Actual Finish is populated manually (or by rule) as the status moves to Completed (or your equivalent).

Then you just need a Crystal report or something to measure the time differences for you.

Not sure how this will survive migrations. Given our experience with the 5.x series, I'd say they won't. Plus with ServiceCenter coming out, I'll bet cash money NOTHING will migrate.