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Mail attachments

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Mail attachments


We are sending emails to our customers when calls are completed. We would like to have an easy way to transport an attachment form the call to this email. Before version 4.5 we just went to the attachement directory but with 4.5 attachements are encrypted so we cannot identify an attachement anymore.

Anyone a good idea other then saving the attachement to a local dir first and then attach it to the email?

Jon McRae
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Re: Mail attachments


According to a seminar at the Software Universe, a 'future' service pack will allow the addition of attachments to outgoing e-mails.

I don't know if this will be a fixed (i.e. the same) attachment every time, or if you can send an attchment from the related call.

Might just be worth waiting to see. Don't know which SP it will be, but you might not have to wait long to try it out!


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Re: Mail attachments

Thanks Jon,

I have seen another thread which says that it will probably available in SP 17/18 and that there was a presentation at the softwae forum in Nice

I think we will have to wait.