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Locking of Change/Work order

Ryan Jenkins
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Locking of Change/Work order

OVSD 4.5 SP13, Dev MSSQL, Prod Oracle 9i

Looking for some feedback or alternate ideas. Our Change Management team wants to lock down most of the fields in a Change and it's related Work orders when the Approval process starts (Approval Status=Active). Users will still need to be able to update their Approval, as well, the Information and closure fields need to be editted for both the Work orders and Change.

I know that OVSD doesn't support dynamic field security, but I'm looking to hear how others are doing this.

Thanks. Ryan
Ramaprasad N
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Re: Locking of Change/Work order

Yeah, Dynamic field capability is not there in SD. However, you can use UI rules to limit modifications.
Robert S. Falko
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Re: Locking of Change/Work order


OVSD supports field security based on the item status. In the role configuration, use the Status Access tab after clicking on the Detailed item access button.

Your difficulty is that you still want to update some fields.

Many organizations have opted for using Work Orders, rather than the approval fields, to manage approval of changes. You might consider using the same mechanism as a way of capturing the updated information that you want to put in changes. Once a change is sent out for approval, I think that only the change manager ought to be able to update it.

It is not clear why you want to lock down fields in the work orders, but this should be possible by making certain fields View only for certain roles, and Write enabled for any role that really needs to update them.