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Local View with "Group By" not work

Erika Fabiola G
Valued Contributor.

Local View with "Group By" not work

Hi, Please HELP ME!!!

We have Service Desk v4.5 SP15 and there's an European user that created a local view on WorkOrder section in order to identify the quantity of WO related on ServiceCalls however the view has configured the "Service Call ID" field on "Group By" but when the view is open only show one record grouping all tickets.

I clean the cache, rename the view.dat also i created a new view using the parameters and the situation doesn't change ...

i created an identical account in order to test on my equipment but i don't have that error.

Does somebody have a similar situation? Please any idea is welcome ...

Erika Gris
Monterrey, Mexico
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Local View with "Group By" not work

What is the ID of the Service Call record that is grouping all tickets?

Have you checked if the local view has another filter defined, that may be limiting the record shown?

Randall Barrantes
SW Support Delivery Manager
Erika Fabiola G
Valued Contributor.

Re: Local View with "Group By" not work

Thanks Err,

Yes, i've checked in fact i did another one on user machine but only show one group :( In theory the refresh can help but i press it several times and nothing!

If i tested on my equipment with mirror account as user everything works.