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Loading CMDB Data to "Date" fields

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Loading CMDB Data to "Date" fields

Hi all,

I have been populating a CMDB for the past 3 months or so now and I have never been able to get data to load properly to a date field, not sure why?

I am using a solution where I have the data in Excel, create an XML file via ECW tool and an ODBC conection to the spreadsheet.

Any tips or tricks here would be appreciated!
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Jonathon Druce
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Re: Loading CMDB Data to "Date" fields

What Service Pack are you on?

With Excel make sure that you format the cells that will contain the dates as date fields using what ever date format you like.

Within Service Desk make sure the date format of the account that is importing the data matches what you have in Excel and it all shoul work.
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Re: Loading CMDB Data to "Date" fields

Maybe my attention to detail was a bit off. Interestingly this worked with a short date format (ie: 03/16/06) MM/DD/YY.

However the XML format was more like 2006.

And when loaded, it loaded to 03/16/06 just as I intended.

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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event