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Load Balancing SD App Servers

Jason Langer_1
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Load Balancing SD App Servers

To All,

I am currently using Windows NLB to load balance my two SD 4.5 application servers. Know I am unable to see what users are connected to the app servers via the SD admin console. Just curious if anyone else has had the same issue. Does SD work ok behind a LB?


Ashly A K
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Re: Load Balancing SD App Servers


We are also using the same. And will not get all the users listed.

This is due to the MAC address mapping.( When you use Windows NLB, the system will map all the member server's IP's MAC to a virtual l MAC address. And this will be same for all the servers. that means, you ping to all the servers (member of NLB) and from the command prompt, give "arp -a". You can see that the MAC is same for all the member servers.

So, the application will not show what you want to see.

But, you can see some of the users how are connected from Tools-System->Admin Console->Security->Audit->Logged on Users.

Please let me know if you come across any bright ideas.


PS: Thanks for the points, if any.