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Limiting access to search 64k field

Craig R Taylor

Limiting access to search 64k field

We are finding that when a user tries to perform a search on the 64k field, it absolutely kills the database and bring service desk down. Is there a way a prevent users from searching the field? (Aside from hiding it from them altogether as they do need to see it when they are in an individual ticket)


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Re: Limiting access to search 64k field

hello Craig

what I understood is that you made a custom field of size 64K which makes problems when writing a data in it and save it to the DB, this problem is applied in any custom field of size 64 K ?

Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: Limiting access to search 64k field

Hi Craig,

I don't think you can prevent this except by training your users.

You could consider renaming the field to add on the end something like:

DO NOT USE IN Advanced Find

Hope this helps, Ruth
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event