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Limit the value range of "Service" fields.

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Limit the value range of "Service" fields.


I try to use the UI rule to limit the value range of "Service" but the field did not available, could you please suggest how to cover this requirements..?

George M. Meneg
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Re: Limit the value range of "Service" fields.

Hello Krieng,

What's your SP? If it is prior to SP17 you can't do it, since limiting value range is available only for code fields.

If you are on SP17 or later you can do it using "Generic Relations". By "Generic Relations" you can relate one entity to another (for example Category with Services). Then, using UI rule you can limit a range based on generic relations, for example if you have related a certain category with some services, then using this ui rule, if the category is the specified one, only services related with this category will be listed using "Limit by generic relation".
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