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Licensing SD 5.0 with a 4.5 password.

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Licensing SD 5.0 with a 4.5 password.

Hi All,
after purchasing SD 4.5 for my customer, we decided to install SD 5.0. we requested a new SD 5.0 installation media, installed the application and retrieved the SD 4.5 password from the HP password center but now i don't know how to enter this password in SD 5.0, the autopass application doesn't accept the license key file of the SD 4.5 and i need to enter the password manually.

can anyone help?

Vasily Kamenev
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Re: Licensing SD 5.0 with a 4.5 password.

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Re: Licensing SD 5.0 with a 4.5 password.

Thanks vasily for your help.
Rytis Damalakas
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Re: Licensing SD 5.0 with a 4.5 password.

Here is what hp support wrote to me about licencing:

HP OpenView Service Desk uses the licensing component HP AutoPass to manage licensing. This component is installed when you install HP OpenView Service Desk.
The HP AutoPass component includes a help file that contains information on product licensing, retrieving and entering license keys,
and importing a license key.

HP OpenView Service Desk 5.0 uses the licensing component HP Autopass to manage licensing. HP Autopass manages licensing for all Open View products. HP Autopass is accessible via the Program menu after you have installed OpenView Service Desk 5.0. From HP Autopass you can do the following:
â ¢ Retrieve licenses over an internet connection, install licenses or request a license via email or fax.
â ¢ View information on licenses from the HP Autopass common license database.
â ¢ Backup license files.
â ¢ Remove all licenses from the HP Autopass database.
â ¢ Recover removed licenses if they were not permanently removed from the system.

Enough of the manuals.
What you have to do is the following. You have to use the SD 4.5-licenses to create a .dat-file, in which you enter your licenses. This HAS to look like this, once all licenses have been entered into the file:


An example of how an entry should look:

3PXV U2QG DQHT DWF4 YYJ3 WF5K ADDQ 9QDB "871850754003 HP OV Service Desk 4.0 Concurrent User LTU"

Most important things to follow:
- Split the activation key in blocks of four characters;
- Make sure that you don't miss the 'enter'-button in the lines (especially in the last line)
-Make sure that there are no blanks after the beginning " and before the closing " of the annotation,

then it should work.
Save the file as .dat-type file.

You may save this file to any location. When you start HP AutoPass, you will have the option of browsing to the file and entering the stored data.