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Licensing Problem

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Licensing Problem

As we do not have more application account user then our licence, but it says there is no licence left. Also we have more users as SP account which are only logged via service pages.

I have noticed that SP accounts are audited in
System -- Audit --> Logged in Users.

And noticed that some accounts are not concurrent user, also which has been added manually, and the rest is concurrent which has been inserted via Data Exchange Task from Active Directory.


Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Licensing Problem


to use Service Pages the SP accounts do not need to be concurrent so you could update all the SP accounts to set concurrent to "make Empty". If anyone needs access to all the modules via servcie pages give them a regular account

You said that data exchange is importing these accounts that are showing as concurrent. Check the template for SP accounts as this is most likley setting the "Concurrent User" to yes on import.

Admin Console- Data - Template - SP_Accounts - Concurrent User