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Licenses for SD

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Licenses for SD

Another simple question...

I've just installed a new service desk application. Since now, I've been working with the free licenses (10 named users and 20 concurrent users) but they expires in 2 moths. We have our own licenses, but only the documents with a number of order. What should I do to get the license key to introduce in service desk?
can I get it in a web page, or in phone number...

Thanks again
Ramaprasad N
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Re: Licenses for SD

Nornally you will receive the licenses through email. Check whether your documents have any license keys along with them. Hope you know how to apply licenses to OVSD.

Jaime Carrasco
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Re: Licenses for SD


Enter to and click over "Generate passwords". In this site you can generate the license to Service Desk. You will need the "Order Number" (you have this number..right?) and let the instructions on website.

Additional: Try to have the SystemHandle too (you must request to your contact in HP directly). This is for access to "Software Update Manager" (
Here you can download your products assigned.
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