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Last login output modification

Mohammad Sanaul
Occasional Advisor

Last login output modification

Dear All,
by puuting the last command I am getting output as below; I need the out from IP or machine name instead to terminal type pts/tc, pts/tb etc.

Pl suggest, thanks in advance points later.

compaq pts/tc Fri Mar 28 15:27 still logged in
trainee ftp Fri Mar 28 12:48 - 13:10 (00:21)
trainee pts/tb Fri Mar 28 12:38 still logged in
smajum pts/tb Fri Mar 28 12:37 - 12:38 (00:00)
trainee pts/ta Fri Mar 28 12:18 still logged in
sekhar ftp Fri Mar 28 11:47 - 11:59 (00:12)
sekhar ftp Fri Mar 28 11:26 - 11:59 (00:32)
Occasional Advisor

Re: Last login output modification

Hi sana Bhai,

How are you.


Use "last -R" command to get the Ip address and hostname.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event