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Label not found in filter definition


Label not found in filter definition


at the filter definition of the views in the "More Choices" tab one of the options to select says "Label 281478322585601 not found for language 1033" (see attached picture).
As we migrated to SP19, the following message also appears in the server log:

You have to add a label with oid 281478322585601 in the language with LCID 1029

Language ID 1029 is Czech.

So, it seems some label is missing in both language definitions, 1033 English, and 1029 localized Czech we're using.

Anyone else has seen such a behaviour ?

I didn't find this label OID in any XML file provided with service packs in \doc\Localization directory.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Jonathon Druce
Honored Contributor

Re: Label not found in filter definition

Have a look in the table rep_labels_locale for a row where LAL_LBL_OID=281478322585601

It should have an english value of "One of the approvers". It is in my SP17 DB so something may have removed it between 17 & 19

Re: Label not found in filter definition

Thank you Jonathon for your answer !

I don't have the entry with this OID in my DB. The closest one compared to the text is "One of the approvers (exclude voted approvals)" with LAL_LBL_OID 281478317080677. Do you have this in your DB ?
Otherwise, I'm going to add it to the database, I suppose there is no other way than to import it from the modified XML file ? Do you know any better way how to do this ?

Thank you very much for your time you've spent on my issue.



Re: Label not found in filter definition

I've found 281478317080677 in SP13 XML file, so you'll probably have this.
Strange, how can it be missing from my DB ?


Re: Label not found in filter definition

Oops, when trying to import on a test server the import jobs said "You are not allowed to insert this label text". So, it seems the system doesn't allow this type of labels to be modified.

Is there any way how to correct this ? At least, the logserver.txt suggests to add the label, as mentioned above, so there must be some way ?

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event