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Kill session in SD 4.5

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Kill session in SD 4.5


I need delete an opened session of a user in SD 4.5 SP18.

I have marked to the option `Marked for removal' in the list of opened sessions but I don't know that I must to do for kill definetly the session. I have seen the option 'Bulk/selective deletion...' but when I use this menu option SD is hung.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance
Duncan Morris
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Re: Kill session in SD 4.5

Hi Danilu,

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Re: Kill session in SD 4.5


Select single user check the option "Mark for Removal", so that after sometime the user will lost the session.

Similarly you can select morethan one user and right click "Update All" and select "Mark for Removal", these users session will be lost.

Only the users session will be killed, User re-connects upon using the service desk again.

Venkatesha !
Ruth Porter
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Re: Kill session in SD 4.5

Hi there,

When you check the `Marked for removal' box the session should go in 2 minutes - this is not configurable but you do not need to do anything else.

The bulk deletion/blocking option will not help you here but in my experience it does work fine for deleting/blocking system admin objects but can take several minutes to load which can appear as SD being hung.

Hope this helps

Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Kill session in SD 4.5


I have found in the past that if the "marked for removal" session does not clear arfter a few minutes, try refreshing the view (f5). If it is still there you may have to stop and restart the application services to clear them.