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Java console thru internet

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Java console thru internet


Since most of the UI rule is not working on Web Console, iam trying for Java console option. I just wanted to know that can we use java consle thru the internet. Also while installing the java consloe on my desktop from the server, it is giving me error saying some of the jar files are corroupted. I tried copying the jar files from the previous download (where i could install first time on different machine). Still iam not able to install on my desktop.

Can anyone please help me on this.

Thanks in advance

Re: Java console thru internet

There are two options for running the GUI. Install the client package from the distribution CD, or use the Java Webstart. If you use the java WebStart and launch the install from the browser, it will install the JVM version it needs for ServiceDesk in the programs directory and won't make it the default. If you're having problems with the Web Start version after you install, try using the Java WebStart application manager tool to "remove" the application. That should force a re-install with valid JAR files.
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