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Java Web Start & HPSD 5.1

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Java Web Start & HPSD 5.1

Hi Guys

We are about to release HP Service Desk 5.10 in our organization and for that, im wondering about which login type to use.

We are a global organization and in our testing period, we have been using both Web Start and the normal client application.

We have some issues with Web Start, like sometimes the user have to reinstall Java a few times, the browser doesn’t recognize the *.jnlp files and very slow download/update of the application (sometimes 3 hours from our remote sites).

Anyone have any experience with this? We have about 300 users around the globe

Re: Java Web Start & HPSD 5.1

We had to deal with this decision as well and we finally settled on the Java Client because we continued to have intermittant problems with the WebStart version of the application. Each time we opened a ticket with HP the problem would go away long enough that we could not reproduce it. The issue we had with the WebStart was made worse by the fact that it could happen well after the application was installed and had been functioning normally for a while. If you have a software distribution package (radia, CA-USD, etc) you may want to consider using the distribution mechanism to distribute the package off hours (to alleviate network strain) then install when the user is ready during work hours.

Good Luck,

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Re: Java Web Start & HPSD 5.1

Thank you Bpg,

Are you also using 5.10 in a global organization? and with success?

I think we will stick to the java client too because of the web start issues.

Right now we are experiecing some very bad performance (waiting for the service window to pop up after entering a caller) from our remote sites (the other side of the globe). Think next step will be to test the client performance by using Citrix.
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