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Issues with running the "sd_serverservice" process

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Issues with running the "sd_serverservice" process

Hi All,

I have started my Service Desk server but I see that there is no "sd_serverservic" process running.

There is a exe called "sd_serverservice" at the location "C:\Program Files\Hewlett-packcard\OpenView\Service desk 4.5\server\bin" and if I run this exe, I can see that a process with the name "sd_serverservic" is shown up in the task manager. But then this exe runs only for some time and suddenly it disappears. As soon as this happens, the entry for the "sd_serverservic" process disappears from the task manager.
Why does this exe stop running suddenly?

And I was assuming that when I start the SD server that time this process ("sd_serverservic") should also start running and should be visible in task manager.

But this is not happening, any issue?

Any help would be helpful.