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Invalid username or password error?

Peter Dent
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Invalid username or password error?


I'm running SD 4.5 on SP14.

We have a development machine which is obviously used for testing and development.

Some users get a strange error when connected.

These users have been given Administrator access to the system. They can connect to HPOV ok and entere the Admin console but, when they attempt to run a Data Import Task and enter their account and password the data import widow open but the error "Invalid username or password" appears.

Even though this is the username and password that they are currently signed in on.

It also throws the same error if they enter another admin acount in the data Import Task.

Because we have another system which is on SP17, (don't ask!) I myself have to connect by logging onto the server and running the client on the server. I know its not recomended but.... if I do that I can run the Data Import Task without problems.

Please can somebody shed some light on this ?