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Integrations account

Rory Emmans

Integrations account

Using SD_event from OVO and command line with a Integrations account Trying to create a new Incident ticket I receive and error about permissions but I can update an Incident ticket with the same account. I change the ID to the system account or a user account with Incident create permissions and it will generate an Incident ticket. Shouldn't an Integrations account be able to create an Incident ticket with no further permissions setting. Im am Currently running SD4.5 SP18
Milan Karban
Regular Collector

Re: Integrations account

Hi Rory,

one question related to your problem - do you have appropriate role with incident create permissions assigned to the OVO integrations account? Even if you create integrations account you have to assign the right role with appropriate permissions to it (View, New, Modify). It could be why you can create incident with other account.

I hope this helps you,

Milan K.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event