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Integration between Service Desk & Remedy both ways

Tim Black
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Integration between Service Desk & Remedy both ways

Hi all,

I've searched this forum and found a couple of topics on this but none of them with the info necessary, maybe because it just doesn't existe, anyway I thought i would give a try and raise once again this question on the forum.

Maybe by previous experience what do you think is the best way to do this ? Are there white-papers or available code for this ?

Looking forward to hear your opinions.

David Collier
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Re: Integration between Service Desk & Remedy both ways

Hi Pedro,

There is code around that was written by a German company. It uses the web api to make two way integration possible.

The code was developed for HP for one of their customers who needed the same functionality.

Can I suggest that you contact HP and ask about it.

I can state categorically that the code is around and it does work, I've used it myself.

I wish I could send it to you but I'm not sure of the licensing sode of things.

Sorry to take you closer, but not quite to your destination.

The code itself comes with instructions on how to implement it.